Testing for COVID-19

How To Get Tested For COVID-19 In Chattanooga

Get Tested for COVID-19 In Chattanooga

If you suspect you or a loved one may have contracted the virus, we are here to help guide you through the process of getting the medical care you need. Our team of providers has developed a procedure for COVID-19 testing in the Chattanooga area that starts with a simple phone call to our telehealth service, Galen Remote Access Care, at 423.618.9006.

After your initial screening over the phone, you may undergo further examination by one of our providers via a telehealth appointment. If your symptoms then warrant COVID-19 testing, you’ll receive an order from your provider to participate in our drive-up testing process. We’ve gone to great lengths to develop a procedure that limits potential exposure to the virus by allowing you to remain in your vehicle during testing.


Our Galen Remote Access Care services are now available to current Galen patients, and other members of the community who are seeking medical care. In effort to more fully serve our patients during these unsettling times, we have implemented a telehealth system in which remote care can be accessed. This comprehensive solution is open to all. Learn more.

Testing for COVID-19 — What You Need to Know

who should be tested for COIVD-19

1. Who should be tested at this time?

  • People with symptoms
  • Close contacts of people who have tested positive
  • Healthcare workers who have been exposed
What to do if experiencing COVID-19 Symptoms

2. What should I do if I have symptoms & think I need to be tested?

  • Call your doctor for evaluation
  • If your doctor decides you need to be tested, they can refer you to be tested
Waiting for COVID-19 Test Results

3. What do I do while I wait for my test results?

You are required to self-isolate at home & avoid contact with others until you are notified by your doctor of your test results

COVID-19 Test Process in Chattanooga

4. What is the test like?

  • A sample is taken by swab in the nose
  • The sample is then sent to a lab
  • Results are sent to your doctor
  • Remember to stay home and avoid contact with others until you know your test results
  • If you are sick enough to be tested, you need to stay home
Chattanooga COVID-19 Testing Limited Supplies

5. Why can’t everyone be tested at this time?

There are not enough supplies to test everyone right now