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Galen Medical Group is a multi-specialty Physician group with Providers that have expertise in many areas. An invaluable part of our training program is externship opportunities we offer throughout Galen Medical Group. There is no better way for a student to learn than to observe and study under the supervision of experienced nurses and doctors. Your participation in our program is critical to its success.

It is highly encouraged that you start the externship packet at least a month prior to requested start date. Work with your school coordinator and placement department utilizing the steps below as a guide.

Students are responsible for finding and securing their placements within Galen Medical Group. It is highly encouraged that you work with your school coordinator to find a placement location, as they have likely helped other students from your school find placements in the past. Please print and fill out your placement information via the form below (all Galen locations are included)

A student must be affiliated with an educational institution and collect credits/units for an externship. Affiliation agreements between Galen Medical Group and potential externs home school are required to protect the liability of Galen Medical Group. Since externships are traditionally unpaid experience that allows students to get credit for their work, the students’ college must take legal responsibility for the student’s conduct during their externship at Galen Medical Group locations.

Please review the Affiliation Agreements Database linked below for a list of active affiliation agreements. If your school is not listed, please request from your school coordinator an affiliation agreement to be sent to for review and approval.

Medical clearance is required for all students that want to extern at Galen Medical Group. Medical clearance can be obtained by the student’s primary care physician. Students without primary care physicians may have their vaccination information verified by the medical professional at their school hospital or clinic.

All areas of the Outside Clearance Form are required to be completed with dates for this form to be considered complete. You must submit your completed Externship Clearance Form with your Externship Packet.

HEP B: Hepatitis B is a series of vaccinations that could take up to six months to complete. If the student is not vaccinated prior to the expected start date, Galen may choose to enter into an agreement by both parties signing the Hep B Vaccination Agreement.

The following year training is required for students that want to extern at Galen Medical Group to ensure Galen remains in compliance. Review all training material posted below and sign the  Training Certification and Confidentiality Agreement documents to submit with your completed packet.

Galen requires all students to have had a background check to include Medicare and Medicaid exclusion screening and negative drug screen as part of ensuring Galen safety and compliance. If background checks and drug screening are completed by your affiliated school, please have your school certify this on the Externship Application Form located in step 1 unless otherwise stated in the Clinical Affiliation Agreement. Please send the following forms with your externship packet to

Galen requires all students to fill out a security request form to gain access to our electronic medical records system. Please fill out the form below. Processing can take up to 3 days before a username and password is issued. Please check with your Site Manager if you have not received a username and login by your start date.

Submit your Externship Program application for review to ATTN: Student Externship Program:

Corporate e-mail:

Corporate fax number:
(423) 308-0281

Corporate Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 1030
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