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COVID-19 Policy for Pediatric Patients

COVID-19 Policy For Pediatric Patients

For more information on COVID-19 testing, visit our Testing for COVID-19 page.

If your child starts to show symptoms of COVID-19, please call our office for guidance. Do not come in person unless explicitly instructed to do so. We are committed to serving you, while also working to maintain the safety of others.

Because COVID-19 and the flu are spread by the transmission of tiny droplets containing germs that can contaminate the air and various surfaces, it is extremely important that people who show symptoms stay away from others (including other family members). Make sure to cover coughs and sneezes, wear a face mask when possible, and continue to wash hands frequently with soap and water.

Do NOT place masks/face coverings on children under the age of 2 who may have trouble breathing or unable to remove covering without assistance.

Steps for receiving pediatric care if COVID-19 infection is suspected:

  1. Call the office for an initial assessment of symptoms and direction.
  2. If told to come to the office, wait in your car and notify staff via phone that you have arrived.
  3. A nurse will come to assess your risk for COVID-19. If your risk is considered low, you will be given a mask and be taken to an exam room or instructed to check-in as normal.
  4. If your risk is determined to be high, you will be given instructions to be seen INSIDE YOUR CAR.

Providing exceptional care for your family is our top priority, and that has informed our procedural processes. We want you to know that after each exam, exam rooms are disinfected thoroughly for the safety of everyone involved. We strive always to care for you and your families as if you were our own, and we will continue to finetune our procedures and provide updated information as it becomes available. Thanks for your cooperation.

Learn more about covid-19 from the CDC