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Digestive Health

Colorectal Cancer

March is National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. Colorectal Cancer, or CRC, is highly treatable if found in the early stages. Despite this, CRC is the third deadliest cancer in the United States. People are encouraged to begin screening for CRC at the age of 45. Screenings can expose the warning signs of CRC and allow doctors to take action to prevent the disease from developing. CRC is a disease in which cells in the colon or rectum grow out of control. Sometimes, abnormal growths, called polyps, form in the colon or rectum. Over time, some polyps may develop into cancer.

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Galen Doctors Explain– Digestive Health with Dr. Gregory Olds

  Digestive health is so important, and there may be unanswered questions you have about best practices, colonoscopies, and more. Our Specialist in Interventional Gastroenterology, Dr. Gregory Olds, is a great resource for our patients, and answers some FAQs below in his expert opinion. Q: At what age, and how often should someone get a colonoscopy?  A: Most people should have their first colonoscopy starting at age 50. The American Cancer Society recently recommended starting at age 45, although most insurance companies will not cover the procedure this early. Contact your insurance to see what is the age they will

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