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MyGalen App

Manage Your Healthcare — Anytime, Anywhere

Now Galen patients can be in control of all elements of their healthcare from one accessible hub.

The MyGalen app puts quality healthcare at your fingertips. With this convenient and highly navigable application, you can:
  1. Manage your appointments — with up to two years back history for reference
  2. Send and receive direct messages with your provider
  3. Review test results
  4. Manage and refill your prescriptions
  5. Manage your medical history and other personal information
  6. Handle billing and make payments online

Features like ‘Locate a Clinic’ and ‘Find a Galen Healthcare Professional’ make seeking medical care simple and convenient. Managing your family’s healthcare just got a lot easier.

MyGalen App Benefits:

  • Easy to use
  • Adds convenience to all things healthcare
  • Acts as a hub for all your healthcare information
  • Gives you control of the details
  • Perfect for busy, on-the-go patients


For assistance, please call (423) 551-4745