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Galen Hepatology Offers FibroScan


Galen Medical is now offering FibroScan, a newer diagnostic procedure for diagnosing fatty liver disease. We are the only private practice in the Chattanooga area currently offering this service to the medical community, and we are excited to work hand-in-hand with other local medical providers to utilize this amazing tool to more effectively treat liver conditions.

Fibroscan vs Liver Biopsy

FibroScan is a quick and non-invasive procedure used to assess the overall health of the liver. In lieu of the more invasive biopsy method, FibroScan uses a combination of an elastic wave and ultrasound technology to assess the stiffness and fatty build up of the liver. The information gathered during the FibroScan will help inform individualized treatment plans for patients for optimal success.

Benefits of Fibroscan

  • Non-invasive alternative to liver biopsy
  • Quick, easy, and painless procedure, taking approximately 10 minutes
  • Detects early signs of liver damage
  • Provides an accurate evaluation to help determine diagnosis and proper treatment
  • Helps providers easily monitor changes pertaining to liver disease

To refer your patient to Galen for a FibroScan, call us at (423) 468-4826.

Work With Galen to Utilize FibroScan

Dr. Chirag Patel has been in practice in the Chattanooga area for more than 14 years. A specialist in the field of Hepatology, he is the leading physician at Galen Hepatology, where he treats a variety of liver conditions including Hepatitis C, Hepatitis B, hemochromatosis, cirrhosis, auto-immune hepatitis, NASH, PBC, and liver cancer.

The number one treating physician in the region for Hepatitis C, Dr. Patel celebrates a very high successful cure rate for his patients, and works diligently to craft custom treatment plans for each patient based on their individual needs. He also works closely with surrounding transplant centers, providing pre- and post-transplant care to patients who need it.

Dr. Patel and his team at Galen Hepatology are pleased to be able to work collaboratively with other local physicians, incorporating the FibroScan technology in effort to better serve patients.