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Family Health & Fitness Day


This year on June 13th, we celebrate the good parks and recreation brings to our communities and families with National Family Health & Fitness Day. On the second Saturday in June each year, this special day exists to highlight the importance of the parks systems in helping to keep communities active and healthy.

Parks and recreation agencies across the states are encouraged to join in, sharing ways families can safely get active while still practicing social distancing on June 13th. This may look different place to place– maybe even incorporating virtual programming people can participate in from home, or within the local parks where state and city ordinances allow for it.

Regardless of circumstances, this day presents the opportunity for families and community members to find ways to stay active and physically fit, enjoy time outdoors, and encourage activity in their children as well. We want to encourage Chattanooga families to get active together whether at the park or at home!

Ways to Get Active:

  • Go for a walk on the Walnut Street Bridge
  • Have a socially distanced family bike ride in Renaissance Park
  • Play frisbee with your crew at Coolidge Park
  • Hike from Craven’s House to Sunset Rock for that amazing view
  • Hit Highpoint Climbing Gym with the family
  • Go for a stroll at Point Park
No matter how you choose to get moving, we hope you find ways that make physical activity fun for you and your family. Just remember, June 13th is a day to inspire fitness and family health. Get creative and get excited about a healthier lifestyle, lead your kids by example, and feel energized and invigorated in the process!