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Galina Rader, M.D., FAAFP, Galen North Internal Medicine

In the United States, approximately 1.9 million Americans are elderly and confined to their residence. Those Americans typically have one or more chronic diseases and find it hard to manage them. Americans who are unable to control their illnesses are admitted and released from the hospital frequently. The days following the return from the hospital are critical to the overall health of the patient.

Here at Galen Medical Group, we recognize patients who have chronic medical conditions and are homebound need access to quality healthcare. Dr. Galina Rader, a Licensed specialist in Family Medicine and Palliative Care, is here to care for those patients and meet with them where they are. Dr. Rader offers multiple services to patients who are homebound or live in an assisted living facility. Dr. Rader can perform the transition of care from a hospital or emergency visit, palliative care for advanced stages of a disease, and homebound primary care.

Transition of Care

The transition of care is something most people do not think about until placed in a situation where it is necessary. Older Adults with multiple chronic conditions are in and out of medical facilities frequently and need to have a high-quality transition of care plan. Evidence shows that a poor transition from hospital to home can lead to adverse medical events that can put the patient back in the hospital.

Dr. Rader works with the primary care providers to care for patients that have been hospitalized but are not able to come to the office after being released from the hospital. The goal is to act as a resource for both the provider and the patient. Dr. Rader will visit the patient’s home and complete an assessment of their condition post discharge from the hospital. She reviews each medication given to the patient and ensures the patient is correctly taking their medicine.

Dr. Rader works with the Chronic Care Management team at Galen to coordinate community resources for those transitioning from the hospital to home, ranging from meals and grocery delivery to home care. Studies have shown that patients who have access to community resources have a decreased likelihood of returning to the hospital.

Palliative Care

To best serve her patients, Dr. Rader is certified in Palliative care. Palliative care isspecialized medical care focused on providing relief to patients suffering from pain and other illness symptoms. Dr. Rader works with patients and their families to create an advanced care plan focusing on the healthcare the patient wants to receive when facing a medical crisis. Anyone with major or life-threatening illnesses is eligible for palliative care. Those illnesses can include:

  • Cancer
  • Blood and bone marrow disorders
  • Heart disease
  • Cystic Fibrosis
  • Dementia
  • End-Stage liver disease
  • Kidney failure
  • Lung disease
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Stroke
Homebound Primary Care

Patients are eligible for homebound care if they have an illness or injury that requires them to use supportive devices such as wheelchairs and walkers or require the assistance of another person to leave their home. Dr. Rader provides primary care services to patients that are homebound. She can take blood work, deliver medications, and treat the patient all in the comfort of their own home. This service reduces the stress patients feel when they need care but are unable to get to their physician’s office, lab or pharmacy.

Galen is Chattanooga’s Primary Care Provider

Our goal is to provide the best care for our patients while effectively managing chronic illnesses. Our primary care providers strive to develop meaningful doctor-patient relationships while providing evidence-based treatment. We pride ourselves on being able to meet the needs of our patients at every stage in life and in every situation a patient may find themselves in. Call your provider’s office to learn more about homebound care at Galen.


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