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A colonoscopy is a screening test that looks for polyps, or growths, inside your rectum and colon that could be cancerous or could turn into cancer. Colonoscopy is the only screening test that can prevent colorectal cancer by removing these growths or catch it early, when it’s easier to treat.


Common Myths:

  • Myth: The prep is too gross and/or too much to drink.
  • Fact: The newer bowel preps available today are lower in volume and the taste has improved.


  • Myth: It’s going to hurt.
  • Fact: During the procedure you will be completely sedated to ensure maximum comfort. At Galen Digestive Health, every colonoscopy is performed by a board certified gastroenterologist who has extensive experience identifying polyps and colorectal cancer.  


  • Myth: I don’t need a colonoscopy until I have symptoms.
  • Fact: Most pre-cancerous polyps are found in people who don’t have pain or symptoms. Symptoms can mean the cancer is more advanced and will be harder to treat.


  • Myth: Getting a colonoscopy is humiliating.
  • Fact: Thinking about a colonoscopy might be unpleasant, but you can expect a private and respectful experience.


  • Myth: I can’t afford to get screened.
  • Fact: The average person needs a colonoscopy every 10 years starting at age 50. Most may only need 3 colonoscopies in his/her life, and most are covered by insurance.


It may not be a walk in the park, but a colonoscopy could save your life.